Monday, January 22, 2007


I had a three and a half hour lunch today. Sometimes that's just what you need. But don't deserve, obviously.

I invited the two TAs who worked with me last term, and someone whom I had badmouthed on this blog previously, for a nice lunch in town. They are all good people, and I'm always (sTill) surprised by how decent people are, really. If you don't have to hang out with them all the time, or live with them, or work fOr them, that is.

I had five, no, six, pieces of of Alaskan crab legs, heaps of smoked salmon, mounts of salad, lobster and mushroom consumme, beef tenderloin, cheescake with mango sauce. I was stuffed to my ears. It felt good. Not a drop of alcohol, can I just point out.

Had planned to run tonight, but got distracted by my kids upon returning home. J's nativity play DVD has arrived, finally. I was expecting a professional-ish production. Okay it only cost $20 a piece but it has taken them over six weeks from recording to distribution so hey, how long does it take to make copies? Of course I'm expecting a bit of fancy editing and choice of subtitles and perhaps behind the screens footage. But no. Zippo. None of the above. I could have shot a better one myself if not equally pedestrian.

So we watched it, and managed to spot J, dressed in purple satin plus head gear, bare feet, shaking his booty. The occasional parent's head pops up and blocks the view, the editing is piss poor, the sound is pathetic, but what the heck. Who cares. My son's first nativity play. Bless him.

More distraction followed. Supervised O's homework. He had to measure out fractions of an area, and then shade it. Sounds simple, no? No. Took him two hours. After the first half hour I had to open a bottle of wine. That kid wouldn't survive one week in the local school system without his mother turning to crystal meth.

But the kid really surprised me. He said, now, that maths is his favourite subject. Thanks to that Murderous Maths book I got him for Christmas. Now he wants me to buy him all the rest in the series! He is the kid who, two months ago, still needed to count with his fingers to figure out what three plus five is!

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