Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Adjust, improve.

Teaching officially started yesterday and all my classes this term begin at 9:30. A perfectly decent time, but I still need to adjust to this.

Got to the office at 9:00 yesterday and by 3pm I was fading fast, so much so that I found my head on the table whilst reading an article! Surprised and somewhat appalled by this, I went home. After a cup of tea and a banana, I felt much better, so went out for a run. It felt pretty good and after a bit of sitting down and some dinner, it's time for my tennis lesson.

New racket arrived, and it is obviously much superior to my old one. The weight is much more evenly distributed and the size is more better suited for me. I was hitting much better and I started thinking about that tennis skirt again. Hahah. Maybe it's not such a far off thought afterall.

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