Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes, it was a prolapsed uterus indeed. If you are curious as to what a prolapsed uterus is, google it by all means but I would strongly advise you against searching for images of it.

I was this story on a new NOW TV channel called the Hong Kong Channel last Sunday, which markets itself as a "local" channel, with locally produced programmes etc. Only, er, that it is not! The show with this prolapsed uterus story, was a Japanese show dubbed in Cantonese. In fact only about 50% of programmes on the said Hong Kong channel are Hong Kong made.

Anyhow, this show was called "Real Life Medical Horror Stories". Catchy, no?

The woman's chronic constipation went hand in hand with a lot of sustained periods straining, which pushed the uterus downwards and stretches the pelvic floor muscles. The uterus continued to be pushed downwards, so that it pressed against the bladder, hence the incontinence. Eventually the pelvic floor muscles got so stretched that when relaxed (i.e. in a hot bath), the uterus pops out of her body. When she could no longer urinate because the uterus was so tightly pressured against her bladder, she passed out. Medical technology saved the day, and surgery fixed her.

The amusing part was at the end of the show, when after this narrative about this poor woman and her uterus, a bunch of Japanese celebrities (all women) were taught how to do pelvic floor exercises. They were told to "tighten your anus!" "now tighten your vagina as if you are trying to stop weeing after you have started!" "now count to five!" "now relax all your muscles down there!" At which point one of the young pretty celebs said "Oh, that was frightening, I imagined everything falling out when I relaxed!" and then covered her mouth with her beautifully manicured fingers and laughed apologetically.

Most interesting thing, however, is that the show was hosted by "Beat" Takeshi Kitano!

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SKreader said...

Thank goodness for my mom's old copy of "Our Bodies, Ourselves", it taught me about kegels at a young age.

Prolapsed uterus and fistulas from childbirth are some of the medical horrors I read about in women's health before modern obstetrics and gynecology. 2 million women still suffer from them nowadways, according to the WHO: