Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Haven't really sat down to take stock but like many people, my investments have shrunk in value by at least 50%. Which is not so bad, compared to many others, I guess. But still, I don't feel so good when those monthly statements come in and the numbers start to sink in. So I decided not to look at them anymore.

At work, a major personnel change was announced, but I already knew about it was going to happen before X'mas, so it didn't come as much of a surprise. Unfortunately, the successor to the one who has chosen to depart is a certified nightmare. I brace for hard times ahead.

Still no news about my promotion application, which is a bit unusual since they normally get those letters out before Chinese New Year holidays. We are going to Shanghai this weekend so my fingers are crossed for some good news before we leave.

So, lately, life's been a bit of a yawn in general.

Yawny yawn yawn yawn yawn.

Well at least I get to play some tennis later today! And I will go buy a lottery ticket tonight. The jackpot is 55 million. That should cheer me up, no?

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