Monday, November 03, 2008

Had dinner last night with a bunch of friends from when I was an undergraduate. More precisely, we all majored in sociology and all did at least an M Phil in sociology as well. It's amazing how little they have changed. They still look much the same as they did 20 years ago and are still doing much the same things as they were doing 20 years ago. Some still living with their parents! Only myself and one other person have gotten married and produced kids, and only two of us have faculty positions at universities.

I guess a lot more people from our cohort must be doing a lot better in the conventional sense. Majoring in sociology back in those days (when you could have chosen easily to do business or economics - these were all in the same faculty and there were no quotas) was definitely a statement. We despised those who did business studies, sneered at idiots who lunged after graduate trainee jobs in banks and listed companies or applied for AO positions.

I wonder what they will be doing in 10 years' time. They'll all be at least 50 by then.

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