Monday, October 27, 2008

Not sure what the stats are in other places but in recent years there seem to be a person or two dying whilst hiking or running every couple of months. Yesterday a 16 year old boy died on a 4 hour hike. This really reinforced many non-exercise types that these activities could kill you.

We're going hiking tomorrow.

Oh, really? Be careful.

Oh, it's nothing, the paths are all paved, there is no danger really.

No! Haven't you heard? A 16 year old died! You are 40!

And of course, the infamous SC marathon in Hong Kong, every year tons of people get sick and in one year someone died before they could finish.

This is of course the same as my very conservative boss, who is big on the traditional family and with a gendered division of labour. I was mildly taken aback by that look of terror on his face when he uttered the words "artificial insemination? same sex couples having children? kids growing up WITHOUT A FATHER????"

He asked me if my perspective on gender conflicts with my theological beliefs. I still find it hard to believe that he ACTUALLY asked me this question. I am tempted to give him a copy of Godless Morality by Richard Holloway, but I fear that the radicalness of it all might give him a heart attack.

Anyway, so my point is, people will always see reality in a way that suits their already existing beliefs. Myself included, of course.


krntsng said...

And your response?

Pierre said...

I am still thinking about how to respond, to be honest. More precisely, to change a middle aged man's view on these things is no easy feat and requires a long term strategy.