Monday, November 10, 2008

I have not done any running since the ladies lads and lassies race in September, and it is doubtful whether that actually counted as a run as such. I'm not really much of a runner. I love running but I get distracted easily and I have this imaginary quota system in my head whereby doing exercise/sport A on day 1 means my quota for the day is filled and so I shouldn't do exercise/sport B on the same day.

It is not just all about effort and tiredness etc. but more importantly time. If I've got 2 hours of tennis scheduled for the day I think twice about doing anything else. Often after tennis I feel like a run but that would mean another hour away from my kids and the TV.

So tonight I went for a run, finally, and it was nice cos the temperature has dropped a bit and the air was clean (yeah, 20% of factories in the guangdong area folded in recent months).

And I am reminded of the reason I love running. I look my best after a run. I look 20 years younger, I feel 20 years younger; no amount of make up or plastic surgery or face serums could deliver that.

I am really in the mood to bitch about my boss. I'm starting to resent him. For the second time in recent weeks, he indirectly criticized my work without having read it. Basically, he said what I do is advocacy not sociology. And what is it that I said which qualified him to make such a comment? I said I am writing about Hong Kong women's conflation of sexual harassment, indecent assault and sexual violence.

That is it. He didn't ask me what exactly I am interested in, what angle I am taking. So, when you write about genocide and the holocaust that is not advocacy? Are you not advocating that genocide is bad and should be stopped??

And the more I get to know him, the more I know about his pet hates:

- Political correctness
- Liberals and everything on the Left side of the right (he is right)
- Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, particularly if they want to get married and God forbid, have children.
- Sociologists who state the obvious.
- Sociologists who who are not Weberians.

Now that I've got this down in writing, I feel better. I realize I don't hate him as much as I'd imagined, really. He is just one stuck up middle aged guy with a young family to support and a big chip on his shoulder.

But hey, who is to say I am not turning into just that if not worse?


krntsng said...

Hope not! May have you as a supervisor one day!

Pierre said...

Nooooooooooo! Stay out of academia!