Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was reading an article today, something about English language in Hong Kong education. It was published in 2003 and in a footnote was a pointer to a 'forthcoming' article. So I looked for it, found it, and was pretty shocked to find that for the whole 40 pages of this second article (published 2007), 22 pages of it was identical to the first one. The second half was slightly different but the concluding 5 pages was again identical to the 2003 one.

Pardon me for asking this naive question as if I am a new kid on the block - but is this even allowed?


Anonymous said...

Published where?

Without saying where, your shocked comment means nothing.

Was it published in a local church newsletter?

On a govenment web site?


Pierre said...


Anonymous said...

Where was the article printed?
Who wrote it?
Is it official policy?

Was it by the Education Department or in the FCC newsletter?

Describing it as "an article" does not place it in any context.

Jamie said...

The fact that it was 40 pages long would suggest it was an academic journal article.