Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When I was in junior secondary school, I asked my mom, mom, what should I study in university? She said, whatever you like! I said, how about interior design? She said, how about business administration? I said, why? She said, administration suits girls, you sit down in an office, in the air-con, no need to go from one place to another. I said, okay. I like that.

Bit of a ludicrous conversation, as it is obvious that she had no idea what business administration actually is, and considering that at the time she probably had no idea how on earth she could afford sending her kids to university, even less of an idea how the hell they are going to get accepted by one in the first place. She never lived to see me get into uni, and at the time business administration was the LEAST thing I wanted to study. I thought it is for fools. Unlike sociology, obviously.

Now, at this stage of my so-called career, recent events have prompted me to think that I might do well in administration. I do like the sitting around in front of my computer bit. Okay university administration is not exactly the same as business administration but not far off either. I am quite efficient, I am organized, but I don’t know if I can motivate people. Well you don’t need to go to business school to learn how to motivate people to do things for you do you? You just need to (convince people that you) have some carrots and a few sticks at your disposal and you are not afraid to use them.

So, that’s where I’m at. Yes, not much less ludicrous than the conversation that started this post, I know, but there you go.

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