Friday, April 04, 2008

Had quite a nice walk today from Tai Tam up to Mt Butler and then back down to the reservoir, about 3 hours in all. It was very nice the whole way up until we got down to the reservoir, where there were many jolly 'hikers' blasting their radios, talking too loudly to one another and laughing much too loudly for my liking. I black faced quite a bit when encountered such likes but managed to not pick up a rock to throw at them. Yes I am a terrible person. God help me.

And O stepped on some dog turd. He couldn't stop talking about it whilst we were sitting waiting for the other two.

Stopped by at Festival Walk to buy some new running shoes for the younger one. Really should stay well away from malls at weekends/public holidays. Managed to leave just before it all got too much for me.

And why the hell is this in the news?

Based on a study by the Chinese University, Hong Kong's new born male babies have small winkies by international standards (30mm). On top of the charts are babies from Saudi Arabia and East India (?) (both at 36 mm), followed by 'whites' (?) (34mm) and Canadian born Chinese (31mm). Are you the proud parent of a newborn baby boy? How do you react to such 'statistics'?

Now, why the hell are they measuring the length of newborn babies' penises in the first place?

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