Saturday, April 05, 2008

photos from qingdao

This is mounted at the entrance of our hotel (well not exactly a hotel as it is only opened to guests invited by the government), very old skool, I'm surprised they haven't taken it down:

Beach on a cold wet day:

View from revolving restaurant:

Old qingdao beer advert - very avant garde:

Funky looking Laoshan:

Laotze - dude who founded taoism, was supposed to have done a david copperfield and passed through this wall:

Sailing regatta and windsurfing events of the 2008 olympics will take place in qingdao, and they've got some flashy wind-powered lights ready for the world to see:

For some reason Godzilla, along with other bandai toys, is featured in the bugs museum inside the qingdao agricultural university:

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