Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Doing stupid, is not good

Yesterday I went to Causeway Bay to pick up some stuff then met up with T and P for a coffee. After that I was supposed to meet M for a drink but had some time to kill before that so I decided I'll go and give blood before downing a few pints. I reckoned I could get better value out of the booze as the alcohol would be less diluted in my body, given I'd have less blood! Hah! Which was, as you probably know, a stupid idea.

Well, I didn't seem to think so at the time. But I should have.

I had an insanely early lunch (11:30am) yesterday. This was because a repairman had come to check out the microwave in our pantry, which was reportedly making weird noises. He said he needed to test it using real food and was asked if they could use my lunch which needed reheating anyway. (Why did they need to test it with real food? I don't know. Surely you can turn on a microwave but not microwave anything? )

Anyhow, after lunch I didn'have anything to eat until I got to the pub which was around 7pm, and shared 2 packets of Doritos with M over our drinks. I still had some sense in me and had only 2 bottled Heinies with one tea in between. I still have to drive home later, you see. M and I parted our ways around half nine. I had to take the train back to Kowloon to pick up my car.

I made a bit of a dash towards the train at Admiralty, and almost immediately after the doors closed I felt dizzy and had to crouch down on the floor. I stayed there for a short while before someone offered me a seat. I kept my head between my knees but that didn't seem to help. I tried to get out at TST as I thought I might barf but as I stood up I realized I had to crouch down again (unsurprisingly, my seat was immediately occupied by another butt the second mine left). Someone asked me if I was okay and I told him/her (I couldn't really see this person's face) I was fine just needed to be still.

I must have looked pretty awful as another kind soul offered me his/her seat and someone else started rubbing tiger balm vigorously under my nose and on my temples. I had a vague idea I had to get up and change trains at some point though I was feeling increasingly unwell. As I stood up, I realized I couldn't see anything and I said out loud: "I can't see anything!" Miraculously, at this point two strong arms grabbed me and dragged me out of the train. This was a station attendant and she was helping me sit down. Apparently someone had the good sense to press the buzzer for help. Which I badly needed, as I couldn't walk and was shaking and sweating quite a lot. I was muttering to the attendant: "sorry I am inconveniencing all these people" (as I realized by now that the train had stopped on the platform whilst waiting for them to come get me) and she replied in a matronly manner: "Hey! Don't say that! You are unwell ma! We are here to serve the people!"

And so I was wheelchaired to a small room with a bed and a sink and was looked after by the staff. They asked me what was wrong and I said this must have been caused by me making a mad dash for the train after drinking beer with no food in my stomach after giving 450 cc of blood.

Whilst sitting it out I realized I was extremely hungry. As I started to feel better after God knows how long, I told the staff I felt okay to go. He took my details and escorted me to the platform for my train. I moved slowly and a little unsteadily, but otherwise felt fine by now. Bought myself a massive sandwich at Taste just as it was about to close, went back to my car, sat there, quietly scoffing as much of it as I could, before driving home very, very cautiously - slow lane the whole time.

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Eh-choo mui mui. said...

WOW! Hong Kong civility! I'm impressed (seriously).