Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cantopopping star Jacky Cheung has been around for about twenty years and he's on a tour right now:

Some shows had to be cancelled though, cos apparently he's been working too hard and his voice is half gone due to flu and exhaustion.

Bless him.

Last year, his domestic helper, Filipina, was accused of having stolen some photos and a letter from his home. The whole thing went to court, the helper was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months in jail. Later she was released on bail and tried to apply for legal aid for an appeal, but in the end thought forget it, packed her bags and went home instead.

His wife, retired actress Lo Mei Mei, was in the local Filippino papers earlier this week. Apparently she has fired 21 Filipino domestic helpers in the last 3 years. On average 7 a year, each one lasting no more than 2 months.

While still having 4 helpers signed to their household, recently she tried to apply to have another 2 signed. So the Philippines consulate wants to interview her, to find out what on earth was going on.

According to our helper, Lo is on a "blacklist" of "terminators" i.e., employers who hire and fire their helpers on a regular basis.

Now, the interesting thing is, this news doesn't seem to be reported in the local media. Tabloid gossip has it that Lo suffers from compulsive obsessive disorder, depression, and paranoia. It was reported that when on a family holiday, she locked her baby's milk formula in a safe for fear that it might get tampered with by "others".

According to our helper, if she is really blacklisted, her name would be given to the Indonesia consulate, which whom the Phillipines consulate share information on lousy employers, which means she will find it very hard in the future to legally get a foreign domestic helper. So, being a mega rich pop star's stay home wife, where on earth will she get "help"? Will she employ local domestics, who, nowadays, are mainly working class C9s with their own families who are not only more expensive, but almost certainly won't work as a live-in? Will she hire nannies or au pairs of housekeepers from New Zealand or Croatia? Will she say fuck it and scrub the toilets herself? I am intrigued by what will happen next.

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