Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Culture", HKSARG style

So the West Kowloon Cultural Project has a new face. Henry Tang, whose demeanour, inexplicably, always reminds me of an eunuch unveiled this yesterday.

There will be venues for cultural performances, open space for the public, malls, restaurants, hotels, residential blocks. Now, why do we need shopping malls in a cultural district? According to Henry, it is to keep the area vibrant with activity when there are no cultural activities going on.

If it is a cultural district, why would there be no cultural activities going on?

Anyhouse, I think this below pretty much sums it up. Translation: "This is what I say to my son. Play well and you'll head for West Kowloon, to buy a nice flat."


krntsng said...

I think one of the most amusing reasons I read your blog is the apparent, but not so apparent sarcasm, hypocrisy, awareness and self-critique on your views of the world.

Some things are better left mysterious. ..

Pierre said...

That's a bit cryptic, that.