Friday, August 03, 2007

No water, no internet

A water pipe bursted in our area last night. A water truck had to come and deliver water. Lisa and B and the boys queued up for ages trying to get as much water as they could. All the while I was working myself up to a nervous breakdown (see below). Just as everyone got back after two hours of exhausting water carrying work, the water came back on. The Bastards!

Okay so my iMac arrived yesterday (yeaaaay!), plugged it in, everything looked great, it picked up our wireless network immediately and ... oops! Asked for a password!

Ha! Luckily, friend of a friend who set up our router for us four years ago has cleverly written everyting down on a little piece of post-it! which I have cleverly stuck on our fridge door! Okay okay. Password... it says "1234567". Okay okay.

Typed it in, spat out an error. Said my password is wrong. Typed it in again. And again. And again. Restarted the machine. Tried again. Nothing.

Next I did what anyone in my position would do. Tried all other passwords I could think of. Nothing.

By this time, I was sweating, fuming and waiting to take it out on anyone who happens to cross my path. Nothing. No one was stupid enough to come near me.

Okay then I decided it's best to search on the internet for what to do when you forget your router password! How clever is that?!

It says to reset the router, and start from scratch. Of course! What a brilliant idea! Okay okay. I got it. It says to hold down reset button for thirty seconds. I can do that.

After resetting the router, I couldn't even access the internet from the base station no more. B stepped in to help. We tried unplugging and replugging every single one of the 15 plugs, but nothing. Restarting seven hundred times. Not a fucking thing.

So here we are, no internet access from home.

We have water, though.

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Spike said...

Yes because now you have to use your browser to access the router and reconfigure it with the information from your ISP - user name, password, IP address, DNS, etc.