Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I try my best to not write about stuff like this cos so many people write it so much better than me but...

Views are polarized, as ever, in this fucked up little town that calls itself "Asia's World City".

Be it two blokes shagging in a car, pictures of nipples on a website, linking to porno sites, demolition of the Star Ferry and now Queen's pier, we have the Victoria Park Uncles on the one hand, and young idealists on the other.

I was moved by the images I saw on TV tonight. I recognized faces here and there, especially the last man standing. God bless him. I am very proud to have once taught him.

Regardless of where you stand on this particular issue (whether you think protestors are iijiets/brain-washed colonialist dogs/good-for-nothing waste of tax payers' money pieces of shit or media-whores/puppets of imperialist agents/deranged potheads) I hope, I sincerely hope you will agree with me in being thankful that at least we are not watching:

People saved up for two months or max out on their credit cards, camping outside some store to get their hands on limited edition designer crap.

People getting into a scuffle with authorities over some crap handed out by the Jockey Club.

Elderly people fainting one after the other whilst waiting in line for three hours for auspicious little bags of rice.h

Okay you get the idea....

It is a fucking disgrace, this awfully mediocre, condescending, spineless, frog in a well government of ours. (No idea what I'm talking about? May I refer you to the esteemed hemlock for a colourful illustration)

At least we still have some young and not so young people who have got their heads screwed on I wouldn't say the right way, at least are not screwed on the way our stupid fucking government and the capitalist pigs want them. Amen.


Anonymous said...

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Pierre said...

Okay okay fixed now. Am I a complete ass or what to fuck that one up? hahahahah.