Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The paper revision which I thought should take two weeks has taken over three now. Just before I awoke this morning, I had a dream featuring written correspondence between the editor of the journal and another editor. The two editors were arguing, over letters, the best way to phrase their letter to me. My role in all this was the silent witness.

Was planning to run last night as it appears that my sporting life has pretty much gone to the toilets these days. Last run was Friday, plus an hour of swimming on Saturday, but that all feels like months ago. Sitting in the office all day editing my paper doesnt' help.

Anyhow, my plan to run last night was pre-empted by our domestic router crisis. B's friend who was supposed to come round to help us fix it didn't show, so I called my trusted sibling who very kindly said he would try to talk me through it over the phone. And yes, I think he's doing this because he owes me money, as well.

So we started at eight, after numerous phone calls, we finally decided that the password given to us by the scumbags at netvigator might be the problem. So I went through the much detested process of calling tech support, waited for 10 minutes, spoke to a feeble voiced woman, who confirmed that my username and passwords are correct, and was in a hurry to brush me off by repeating over and over again that anything to do with the router is not their business.

If the username and password are correct, then how come I can't access the internet? She had no answer. I slammed the phone down on her without feeling as if I'd treated a fellow human being badly.

So I called my trusted sibling again, and he said netvigator passwords are not just "pierre" but "pierre@netvigator.com" or "pierre@linesworth.com" something weird like that. So I called netvibastards again and went through the whole waiting game. Finally they gave me the right appendage. The feeble-voiced troll was wrong. At last I could get my connection back.

To cut a long story short, three hours and 3/4 of a bottle of wine later, I managed to get the router working again but only for the desktop and the iMac. I nearly wept with joy when the iMac connection was working. However, the settings on the notebook must have been screwed up somewhere somehow along the line and still wasn't working. By this time I was too drunk and hungry to do anything else so I just flopped in front of the tv until 2 am.


Anonymous said...

I love it. The last paragraph says it all..why I love your writing. Through your astute observations, frustrations, and comical misadventures you always come across as so damn poignant and sensible.

Pierre said...

Sensible? hahahhaaaaa.... yes yes, that's me alright.