Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Health and work update!

Today is the second day I start taking a whole bunch of health supplements. Multivitamins, glucosamine, minerals, calcium, omega-3, proflavanol... Noticeable health benefits, so far, include (1) wee turned flourescent yellow, and (3) been farting even more than usual.

Third visit to the physiotherapist this morning. Went somewhat better than my previous two visits. Treatment wise, exactly the same as the last visit (i.e. ultrasound and electromagnetic treatment), with a bit more stretching and pulling. The therapist seemed a bit more human today, probably because I was making an effort to be nice and to engage her in conversation. She didn't seem so annoying and I decided that she is more shy than uninspiring. And I managed to pry out of her what I suspected all along - that there is no real treatment for my condition. Rest, gentle stretching, and hope for the best. Well at least she was being honest and didn't try to get me to do an expensive MRI or try acupunture. I think she even smiled at me. When, at the end of the session, I asked her if I need to come again? She thought about it for a while, then said, hesitantly, as if she's trying to geuss the right answer, "um...maybe in two weeks?" I thanked her for her honesty.

My summer term course is already halfway through. It is amazing how, before it started, I thought it would be a complete pain in the butt to get through two 3.5 hour sessions per week. With class size being only a fraction of what it is during regular term, there is a lot more discussion, and I can get them to do activities in class in small gropus. This is not even remotely possible in a lecture theatre situation.

Haven't really started revising my paper yet, though, which is bad. But realistically I haven't had time to do it. I will need a solid chunk of time to sit down and get through a whole pile of books and articles. When we come back from our one-week break in Cebu, and when the boys and B are away in the UK, I will have a solid couple of weeks to attack the bastard.

But again, I do have other stuff I want to get accomplished during those two weeks. To repaint parts of the living room, and re-do J's room, for instance. The bunk bed will have to go and the walls repainted and new bed and new desk etc. installed. I sort of kind or half promised that he will get his own notebook as well, so if you have a cheap one to sell/give away, let me know!

Hey look! It's raining again! And the pool is opened! Time to go for a swim!

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