Sunday, June 17, 2007

PnS is run by a bunch of thieves. Okay this is not news and many people have written and moaned about it, and most days I don't really notice the prices of things on the shelves. But it is just getting ridiculous!

Hovis Instant bread yeast, prices up from $16.xx to $18.xx

Westgold unsalted butter, from $9.90 to $11.80

I buy these two regularly and the price changes took place in a week.

Imported white cooked ham, from $72.xx/lb to $112/lb
This I used to buy a lot, when it was the old price. I remember one day walking in and it went up by $20/lb and now it looks as if it's going for a new world record or something.

Anyhow, today when I was in the shop, a woman shopper, whom I recognize as one of the cashier staff who works there, asked me:

Excuse me miss, mind if I ask you something?

She was ever so nice and polite so I said


She held up a small container of fresh blueberries.

What is this white stuff on the skin?

I took one look and said

Preservatives. They keep the fruit fresh. You see it on grapes as well.


Yes, the fruit last longer this way. You must soak them in water and wash thoroughly before eating. But once you've washed it off, the fruit will go off a lot quicker.

Oh I see... Today a customer took back and said the white stuff is mould, and wanted a refund.

Oh, no, it's not mould. You can see... if it is mould it would be on the tip of the berries not all over the skin like this.

I see, the customer said if we don't take them off the shelf she will make a complaint to the food and environmental department!

Oh really? Just let her complain then.

I can't say to customers this white stuff is preservatives, right?

I suppose not. But that's the truth.

........I see... Thank you so much.

You are welcome. If anymore people complain just direct them to your store manager. It don't think it is your job to explain the difference between mould and preservatives to customers.

Yes... Thank you so much.

At the moment I felt like I've really helped and educated, and given emotional support to a stranger. It felt good.

Actually, I don't know where I get the idea from, that the white stuff is preservatives. I might be completely wrong.

Oh flummocks.


Jamie said...

Perhaps I am equally wrong, but I have always believed that white stuff to be naturally occurring yeast.

Pierre said...

Okay but we are probably equally right that it is unlikely to be mould.

Anonymous said...

I've been buying blueberries for years, back in the US and here in HK, and haven't noticed white stuff on blueberries, except for the furry kind of white stuff, which is definitely mold.

If either of you could post a photo of this stuff, I'd be grateful!

Pierre said...

brian, I'm sure you've seen it on red or black grapes before - a thin coating of white, which comes off with a quick rub or rinse under the tap. It is definitley not furry!

Anonymous said...

Oh! This stuff:

Like you, I just wash it off. I always thought that it was produced by the plant but that post suggests that no one knows for sure what it is.