Saturday, June 09, 2007

My shoulder pain has finally prompted me to pick up my ass to paid the GP a visit. 30 seconds in his office was enough for him to say "right, I'll write you a referral to see a physiotherapist".

I've been to see the physio twice, so far.

First visit. The physiotherapist who tended to me is one of those really uninspiring, lack lustre personalities. She spoke in an indirect, lazy and flat manner, makes very little eye contact, and asked the same questions repeatedly. I felt that either her mind was somewhere else or she is new on the job. Anyhow, she diagnosed me as suffering from impingement syndrome. Then she asked me to lie down, squeezed some gel on my shoulder and rubbed it with what looked like a bar code scanner. Ultrasound, she said. For my inflammation. 30 minutes later I was sent home, told to rest for a month (no tennis), make an appointment for the next week.

Second visit. She asked if my shoulder is better. I said no. (Why should it be?) She asked me the same load of questions as she did during my first visit. Moved my arm around, again, as she did during my first visit. Does this hurt? How about this? How about that? Then it's back to the ultrasound thing, for 10 minutes, then she attached four suction cups to my shoulder, and switched a machine on. A light buzzing sensation pulsates through my skin. As she was about to leave the room, "What is this?", I asked. "Electromagnetic therapy, to help you with the pain." Then she disappeared for 30 minutes. When she reappeared, she told me to make an appointment for next week.

In Chinese physiotherapy is 物理治療 (phyical+therapy), a.k.a. 勿理治療 (do not bother+treatment), not without good reason.

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