Saturday, June 09, 2007

Endless fun!

The toilets on the floor where I work have recently been installed with motion sensitive energy saving devices. Lights go on only when the sensors detect movement. Now in the summer it is not a bad idea as regular terms has ended and there are only a couple dozen courses running during the summer.

These days when I do visit the facilities, more often than not I am the only one in there, as I enter and throughout my stay. Which is, hey! great! I no longer have to overhear inane student conversations as they comb their lovely locks or adjust their hair accessories in front of the mirrors. God bless them.

The down side is, if you remain motionless for a prolonged period of time, as one does when using the facilities for certain ends, the dumb dumb lights switch off automatically!!

Now, when you are sitting on the bog in the middle of unfinished business, there is only so much motion you can make. I tried waving my arms, moving my upper body back and forth, etc, but none of this made the range of the detectors. So the dumb dumb lights remained off for the remaining of my stay.

You might think that lights are not that important under these circumstances. Well, if you like to read or check your emails or inspect your fingernails (etc.)during your business hours, then light is, dare I argue, essential!

Since then, I found out that arm waving movements in only the first and the last cubicles can get the attention of the dumb dumb detectors. To ensure uninterrupted light supply whilst sitting relatively motionless, only the three cubicles in the middle will do.

I am considering soliciting my colleagues' opinions on this matter and reflect them to the authorities concerned.


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