Thursday, May 10, 2007

A while back I wrote about the reluctance of many women to sit their arses down when using public toilets in Hong Kong.

I noticed that the toilets right next to the Agnes b theatre in the Arts Centre (you know, the one in Wanchai) do not have this problem. The toilets there are most cunningly propped up by about five inches. I have not seen this done anywhere else. Whether they do it on purpose or not I know not.

Given that most Hong Kong women are on average no taller than 5'5", this higher than normal toilet makes it hard for them to either hover their butt cheeks above the seat (legs too short), or to squat by putting both feet on the toilet seat (danger of falling increases). For those not familiar with these tactics commonly used by HK women, believe me, they ARE commonly used - anything to NOT have their butt skin touch the toilet seats.

So there you have it, my insight of the day. Keep them toilet seats clean by forcing women to sit on the gooddam things. I will send my suggestions to the toads in charge.


Ebriel said...

What women do in the bathroom is their business - but didn't anyone teach them to CLEAN UP after themselves!!?!

Apparently not here in HK. They don't seem to know how to wipe their own urine off the seats.

Pierre said...

Thank you Elizabeth - good to know I'm not alone in being bothered by this!