Friday, May 11, 2007

Them giant pandas have got a bilingual blog now. Someone left a comment asking why there is no RSS feed. Is there no end to this insanity?

I left a comment which no doubt will be deleted soon.

Here is my comment for the record before it gets swamped by "Panda Lovers":

pierre 11/05/2007 13:04

Is this really necessary? Why do we have to pretend that Giant Pandas are literate? Gullible children will grow up thinking that Giant Pandas REALLY can write. Is this fair on them or their parents?

This person below (I'm assuming it is a person) didn't think my comment was so hot:

Anonymous 11/05/2007 13:57

Pierre: I think everyone should know that panda won''''t speak & write. This blog is purely for t***e panda lovers to share their views and show their concern to Le Le & Ying Ying as well as wanted to know what''''s going on with them since they came to HK on 26 April, 2007. Don''''t think too much which is not necessary, just enjoy this blog if you''''re a panda lover.

"Don't think too much which is not necssary".... oh lordy me! I think I'd better write back and thank anon. for his/her/its most timely advice.


Project WANNABE said...

lol, hold the line while I rush over there and subscribe.

Jamie said...

isn't "panda loving" illegal? If not, it is certainly disgusting.

Pierre said...

Nosebleed - we certainly are living in a very twisted society.

According to the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, it is indecent to ask readers of a local university paper if they ever fantasize about having sex with their family members or animals. You face a fucking hefty fine and prison sentence. If you are a student, you risk being expelled.

According to our courts, it is illegal to link to websites that contain obscene or indecent articles. Again you face a hefty fine and doing time.

Yet, it is perfectly okay to openly express our love for the Giant Pandas!

I have no doubt that when these creatures do eventually get at it, after having watched hours upon hours of panda porn, every tiring episode will be meticulously documented on video and broadcasted on youtube. Yet, I am quite certain none of that would be considered indecent nor obscene.

Jamie said...

Family members and/ or animals? I'd be curiously interested to see the results of that survey.

Ugh. I can just imagine the horny little scrunched up expressions on the faces of BangBang and DoMe when they finally do get at it.

Sean McDermott said...

Reminds me of that Southpark episode with 'Chicken Lover'. And yes, I'm subscribing too.