Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sometimes I feel like Hong Kong is the most gawd awful place on earth. Today, Queen's Pier was classified as a Class I historical relic (or something) and right after the meeting, the toad in charge of planning and development, Michael Suen, said yeah, sure, Class I, but that doesn't mean we can't bulldoze it and build a road instead. We just HAVE to tear it down! The road MUST be built! And then relocate the pier somewhere else. Like, transform it into a pagoada with a big bilingual sign in the middle of some "park" (read concrete slab with a couple of benches on top and two palm trees). It would be nowhere near the harbour but we will keep the sign that says Queen's Pier. Okay? People?

And other times, I feel like this is a great place. Everything is so efficient, so organized (but not in a Singaborean way), so decadent, so superficial.

When I am on public transport, or in a mall, I look at faces, and I feel like I know them. All of them.


OK forget everything I said, I was obviously drunk.

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