Monday, May 14, 2007

Spent the whole morning at Repulse Bay, for the aquathon and beach run races.

Don't be daft now! of course I wasn't running it! I am not that insane, just yet. It was 32 degrees celsius and 80% humidity. Fucking boiling. Around ten kids from B's school ran various races, and B and O did the family race where they came first! O was so scorched from the heat and so bored from all the waiting around he didn't seem to realise he's won. It was only after the prize presentation ceremony that he looked at the trophy and asked, hesitantly, "er.... okay.... does this mean we won something?" I wanted to whack him on the head with my crocs, but I stopped myself and only executed that metaphorically, and said "Of COURSE you did you LOONBALL!" "oh...really? I didn't know. GREAT! Hehheehh!"

Mother's day presents:

1. From O, an "Egyptian sliding puzzle" made of paper. Ok I can sudoku a bit but that doesnt' mean I can crack shit like this! The pressure!

2. From J, a necklace made out of drainpipe cleaners, and a bracelet made of paper(lavishly decorated with glitter glue in my favourite colours, obviously), plus a card with freshly plucked flowers.

God bless their cotton socks.

AND! my brother's wife gave birth to their number two this morning, by emergency c-secion. Huuuuraaaay!!X!!

A girl baby in the family, at last, and about fucking time too. It's all very exciting. The baby looks like a monkey, no surprises there. Ha! lovely.


Eh-choo mui mui. said...

so deliciously evil. you just described your new niece looking like a monkey - LOVE IT!

Pierre said...

Saw the baby in the flesh last night and I take back what I said, she is actually a wee bit better looking than your average monkey.

Jamie said...

Average monkey. So tempted to start gooling pic of blue arsed baboons.

The Average Monkeys, of course, would be a great name for a band.

Eh-choo mui mui. said...

there was a canadian band named, "the rainbow butt monkeys". no joke.