Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spend yesterday at home, marking papers, doodling, napping, and baking. Went for a quick run just before the kids came back from school. It was hot. I'd forgotten how unpleasant it could be, to run in the heat. Was tempted to get in the pool afterwards but couldn't, for my rising dough needed my seeing to.

In the evening went to EFM and had a few drinks in 1911 after. All in all it was a pretty relaxing and pleasant day, apart from one thing. My jar of starter slipped out of my hand as I was about to return it to the fridge, the jar broke, shattered into very many small pieces, and my dear beloved blob of yeast and flour mixture was splattered all over the kitchen floor. It was a very sad moment. That starter had been with me for very many months now, and it was a living thing. It needed caring, feeding, replenishing. And I've killed it. May it rest in peace.

Anyway, like I said, after EFM we went for a drink with this guy from our group, and his partner (7 mths pregnant)joined us whilst we were still on our first pints. So this guy, he is a Quaker, well travelled, lived in Asia for many years, studied Egyptology, very knowledgeable, good job, a learned man, very intelligent, very courteous, has a sense of humour, appeared very sane and together. Given all this, last night was a bit of a revelation. Turns out this is the second woman he's knocked up unintentionally. He drinks like a fish (he had at least five large whiskys and a couple of pints in the course of two hours), and based on what his partner told me, is short tempered, disorganized, bossy, and stubborn. (Yes, that was the first time I met her and she poured all that out to me; she drank nothing but lime soda)

Not sure what I'm really trying to say here, except for the fact that people really are never quite what they appear to be.

I slept pretty well and woke up to quite an amusing dream. In my dream I was at a clinic, waiting for my turn to see the doctor. This is not the regular doctor that I see. I was with a friend. My condition was that I had snakes and worms up my butt. As we were waiting, my friend said it is not a serious condition. I wasn't too worried either. She looked at the price chart on the doctor's office door, and said it costs $700 per consultation! I checked it again, and said no, $700 is for house calls only. I was relieved. Normal consultation is only $170 per visit.

I never did get the snakes and worms pulled out of my butt, I woke up before a diagnosis could be made.


krntsng said...

Snakes and worms up your butt!

Haha, your subconcsious might be trying to say something...

Awesome as usual.

Pierre said...

You're not kidding!