Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hope and Jump

As I type I'm watching CNN; live broadcast of the murder trial of one Mary Winkler, who is accused of having shot her preacher husband.

Before this, I was watching the scoop on the Virginia Tech shoot out.

And prior to that, I was listening to O explain to me how to calculate values for sine without using a calculator.

Before that, I went for a run out to the waterfront, with this song by the Bluetones called "Hope and Jump", to keep me company:

In the shadow of these black suburban hills
Dreamt by architects who've given up their will
There's an emptiness that never can be filled

Have you ever known the world to be so still?
Have you ever heard a silence be so shrill?
As you rise to smell the air before a kill
In the absence of distraction or a thrill

Always your first instinct
compels you to jump head first in
The comfort you crave is not in the grave
but here in my arms

In the movements when you vices are played
Are you left abandoned and afraid?
Do you quesiton the decisions that you've made?
Are you haunted by the ghosts that you've betrayed?

Always your instinct compels you
to dump all hope and jump
The comfort you crave
is not in the grave but here in my arms

Okay I'm switching over to Letterman now.

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