Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yesterday, buffalo girl came in and told me she's been accepted by CU's Sociology Department's PhD programme, full-time, with a full studentship also! That was really great news for her and I am more pleased for her than I had expected myself to be. I was so happy for her I could not stop myself from giving her a hug.

She had shown me her proposal before submitting her application, and I practically rewrote a large chunk of it for her. I wouldn't like to think that I had any big part to play in her being accepted but according to her, I was miles more supportive than other colleagues to whom she's shown her proposal to. Which was not surprising. Apparently, one colleague looked at her proposal and said flat out that she hasn't got a scooby about how to write a proposal. So what did this person recommend? That buffalo girl look at the RGC's website and study how a "proper" proposal should be written.

And then there were those who said to her repeatedly that CU will NEVER EVER EVER accept any graduates from our university into ANY of their postgraduate programmes. And why is that? Buffalo girl asks. They replied, it's a policy. So don't even bother applying. End of discussion.

Well those buggers certainly were wrong. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they hear about this.

I have said on this blog before that I don't much like buffalo girl. I still don't like her all that much but I am surprised that I have done my best to help her, nevertheless. I am also surprised that I genuinely feel happy for her. It didn't really hit me that I really had been quite supportive until she told me how much my encouragement and support means to her.

It can't be a bad thing when I can still be surprised by what a nice person I can be.

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