Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Certifiably so

This copied from the Belle & Sebastian website's Q&A

From: Gary Mc Donald

Q.Hi Mick, I am writing on behalf of one of my mental health patient whom, with the help of staff has been trying to get a couple of tickets for your next concert in the uk. They were told that all tickets were sold out and she is absolutely devastated and disappointed. Are you able to help her see you, she absolutely adores you and it would make her day if she could purchase a ticket for your concert. As a mental health patient, she has been saving up just to come to the concert only to be told that there are no more tickets - please make her day. We would need at least two tickets because a nurse would accompany Katherine. Awaiting your response and good luck. Gary Clinical Manager

A. Hi Gary,
But there are no concerts coming up !



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