Thursday, March 08, 2007

That actress from "Heroes" is that Diana Krall?

I hate being so fucking busy. I just can't cope. On a par with having an ice cold beer in front of me on a hot day and not able to open it.

Well I know, very well, that probably 97% of the working population in this town are busier than me, all the time. I would hate it if one day I become the kind of person who thrives on multiple deadlines, a hectic schedule, have more phone calls to return than cups of tea they can drink .... et cetera. Shoot me if I should turn into someone like that. I'd rather be on unemployment benefits.

Not that I have anything against people who are like that, can I just make that clear.

It didn't help that I whacked my tennis racket on my shin today, practising my serve. Fuckin' whacked it on me shin alright. My coach was 15 meters away and he could hear the the "whack" alright. He laughed, the bastard.

It didn't help that my brain seems to take more tea breaks than I do. I forget things, I lose things, my ability to function drops in proportion to how busy I get.

It didn't help that on my way to work, a huge chunk of metal fell off from the lorry in front of me, I'm not kidding it was three feet long, and I had to do an emergency stop, but still didn't stop the metal from hitting the bumper. And the license plate. So my car now looks like a wreck.

It didn't help that I've drank half a bottle of wine, again, and it's now one in the morning and I've got a 9:30 class in the morning. And again at 10:30, and again at 2:30. During the in-between hours I have to see 7 students about their study plans next year, work on my paper (deadline today), prepare for Friday morning's gender sensitivity training workshops, pay my credit card bill, get the mortgage documents from the solicitor's office, do the shopping for Sunday's party since I'll be busy all weekend. Oh fucking hell!

All this and my eye brows need plucking. Goddam.

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