Saturday, February 10, 2007

Was really quite poorly on Thursday, went to the doctor's, got a load of meds which knocked me out every time I took some.

Slept more or less all day on Friday, then went out for dinner at this place in Wanchai (St Francis Street, off Queen's road Central) called 重慶雞公煲. The English name is "Chicken Pot", which is really misleading, because they serve cocks, not chickens. Yes, cocks.

I think it is a franchised operation from the mainland, and they only have three dishes on the menu. Cock pot, beef pot, and shrimp pot (this pot is lined with French fries). You can choose how spicy you want them. You eat the stuff in the pot, then they add stock (you can choose spicy or non-spicy) to the pot, and you can get extras to cook in the pot, as in a normal hot pot restaurant.

Only that it's all self-service - there is a tiny fridge where you can go and get small plates of cling film wrapped veggies, fish balls, vermicelli, sliced beef, tofu, etc. Yes it was all very tasty. Yes the prices were good. Yes staff were helpful. Yes you'll have to wait for ages if you get there after 7:30, and yes they give you coupons which will knock $10 off each pot you order when you next visit. Yes they do a very good lunch deal. And the steamed rice was excellent. I'll go for the rice alone. Individual grains sticking together just so, al dente, dignified, tastes great with the sauce from the pots.

One question remains:

What is it about cocks (ahahahahahhhaaa what indeed)? I mean, do they taste different from hens? Each cock that they use in the pots weighs 1.8 kg, according to the literature. Magic number?

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