Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is this a coincidence or did my curse on Arthur Li worked? He sure is in a lot of bother right now, as is that Fanny Law. Three cheers to Luk Hung-kay, I have a lot of respect for him.


My sore throat was deteriorating this morning and I had trouble speaking in class. Went home and had a quick nap, which seemed to have helped a bit, before heading out to Central for that long awaited pre-race run with C. It was hot today, we took it easy and walked up to the Peak, which took 35 mins. Did our loops around Mt Kellet and around Lugard and Harlech Road, and our time was a lot better than I had expected (took about 50 mins). Looks like we won't be the last to finish in the race, afterall!

After that I roamed around in HMV for a while and bought the following:

1. Songs for the Young at Heart (Stuart Staples and Dave Boulter feat. Jarvis, Stuart M, amongst others)

2. The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager (Get cape. wear cape. fly)

3. Gang of Losers (The Dears)

4. Me, I'm all Smiles (Echo and the Bunnymen live at Shepherd's Bush)

5. Freewheelin' (Bob Dylan)

6. Nacho Libre (cheesy comedy starring Jack Black)

It wasn't until the train reached KLN Tong that I realised I had left my trainers in the changing room! Tried to call the Squash Centre but only got through to the voice mail. My trainers cost over 1000 dollars (I bought them last March in NYC); even though they are a bit knackered and quite a bit of the heel has worn off, I would hate to lose them. They are a bit dirty and smelly, probably still slightly damp, so I was hoping the cleaning lady wouldn't want to take them home to her teenage daughter.

After I got home I called again, and left a message on the machine. Bloody machines! Where have all the staff gone! It's 8:30pm!! I was quite distressed by all this, for some reason. I was angry at my own carelessness, my stupidity, and how I had neglected my trainers. Mad, isn't it. How shoes sometimes make you feel. I was starving by the time I got home so I cooked myself some Japanese cold noodles and ate them with veggies and fish balls, with lots of dried chillies, popped a vitamin C and a cold tablet.

And what do you know. Just now, someone from the Squash Centre called to say they have my shoes! And I can go pick them up tomorrow! Now I am celebrating with a glass of three day old Rioja! Which is inexplicably tasting great!!!

Now I'm going to load all my newly purchased music onto my iPod. And drink some more. Cheers.

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