Friday, February 23, 2007

It appears that my running pics have disappeared from my last post! Ach well if you haven't seen them yet you didn't miss much. Really. Now I am trying to persuade C to run the New Balance Reservoir Series race in Tai Tam in a couple of week's time. It's 11k but quite hilly. I did it two years ago when I first started running and it took me 1 hr 22 mins. A pretty atrocious time. But astonishingly, I was 5th in my category!

In a previous post I wrote about cutting tops off lemons to help O prepare for a magic trick, and I am reminded of an old issue of BUST magazine with Amy Sedaris on the cover, and a feature on her inside:

Anything caught your eye there? That girl's got nipples alright. Only that what you can see are not her nipples. They are lemon tops. She slipped them under her bra, to very good effect.

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