Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Been looking at the frequency tables of the family project data and am now on page 103 (only 49 more to go). Am starting to develop a sore arse from sitting down for so long. The meeting is tomorrow afternoon, and I hope to have some kind of a more organized writing plan printed and stapled before meeting the others. Already I can see that a lot can be written up out of this data. I have stumbled upon either a gold mine or a minefield depending on your point of view. Exciting times indeed.

The race yesterday was pretty uneventful. I couldn't sleep well the night before. I went to bed at 11:30 but was drifting in and out of very shallow slumber. Up at 5:30 am and was at the ferry pier at 7 am to pick up C. It was very foggy and extremely wet up at the Peak. We got there at 7:30 but lots of people were already stretching and warming up. Visibility was extremely low and C was saying it was a good job we ran it once before cos she couldn't see for more than ten meters ahead.

I did 46 minutes 22 seconds, which was much better than I had hoped for. The last 300 m uphill climb was a killer. I wasn't expecting it! I was running neck to neck with this irritatingly fast but dwarfed seven year old boy. I know he's seven cos I asked him his age. He is much shorter than my 5 year son and my 8 year old already comes up to my shoulder last time I checked. We kept passing one another during the final 1500 meters or so. At the end he beat me to it by 2 seconds, the bugger. See it for yourself.

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