Friday, February 23, 2007

Had planned to go to the Ash Wednesday service last night. Just as I was walking up to the church, B called and gently reminded me that yesterday was Thursday, not Wednesday. I am becoming a daft old cow, is what I am.

With 90 mins to kill before meeting my brother for drinks, I went to pick up the programme for this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival, then wasted some time in HMV. Bought the Babyshambles The Blinding EP. I quite like that song "Beg, Steal or Borrow". Also, Jamie T's "Panid Prevention", which reminds me somewhat of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. It's the accent, I s'pose (okay on second listen they do not resemble one another AT ALL). Jamie T is more varied in terms of style though. Also bought the Bluetones' latest which I had been meaning to get for a while (am listening to it right now and it is sooooo lovely!).

My brother was doing some stuff with the Soler twins. Apparently he was working with them on some recording that requires the assistance of computers, and will be helping with their new music video.

We went to a place above the Pizza Express in Central called Bex, owned by the same people who run Bex in the Macau Culural Centre. There is also a karaoke and a club in the same building, owned by the same people. Nearly everyone in there has a Macau connection; we're talking two degrees of separation only. Our dad knows their dad and her brother and I had the same piano teacher, etc.

I had two beers and a couple of very generously measured whisky sodas. Plus a couple of shots poured by the owner which I was more or less forced into drinking. Then we head off to Tsui Wah for a bite to eat. We had prawns and noodles on a hot plate, seemingly cooked in ketchup and not much else. After that I went home whilst my brother headed back for some karaoke action. I missed the last train though, and had to get a taxi at TST. It was only 1 am when I got back but I had to sleep till noon today to recover. This taking forever to recover from a night out with a few bevvies shit is slightly depressing.

To get over it, this afternoon I went with T to get our eyelashes done. Yes, I got ridiculously long and curly eyelashes now. When O saw me, he said I looked like someone who is getting ready for a drama show. They are so fucking long that they push against the lenses of my eyeglasses. I'll have to wear my contacts, if I want to see, at all.

Tomorrow I need to head to the office to get some work done, and then it's off to see Charlotte's Web in the afternoon.

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