Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm watching Arthur Li on TV. He is being interviewed by two secondary school students. He is trying to explain to them why Hong Kong still hasn't implemented small class size teaching as an official policy. He is saying that more research needs to be done. He says there is no definitive research showing that small class sizes are better than large ones. He blinks like crazy when he speaks, both eyebrows raised to his hairline, his eyes look as if they might pop out any minute, the lying bastard. He is one of the several people I wouldn't mind punching in the face.

A piece of shameless propaganda from the Hong Kong government, trying to brainwash gullible school children and young adults into the thinking that science, wisely used by our governemnt, can save the world.

Here, excerpts from the winner of the junior English essay competition (warning: cringe factor = very high):

One of the problems Mrs. Chan faced was her appalling living environment - particularly the adverse effects of having a highway, landfill, and mountainside adjacent to her estate. Fortunately, such situations are avoided by the Architectural Services Department's promotion of sustainable building...

In Mrs. Chan's world, hundreds of schoolchildren are killed by highly-contaminated fish. Science prevents such a tragedy, by regulating food products for cancer-causing ingredients, in particular in condiments such as soya sauce, which the fish could have been cooked with.

Yeah, right. Someone please pass me a bucket. Science can't prevent me from wanting to puke.

This from another idiot, a runner-up of the adult essay competition:

Science and technology is widely adopted in a variety of areas to enhance people's lifestyles. There are boundless examples we can count. However, some citizens may be unaccustomed to the radical changes made by the development of science and technology in public services. In the end, they could not live through the prosperity and convenience brought about by the changes. It is common that some senior citizens used to borrow books over counter in public library, but have no knowledge of online library services provided. There are still younger generation who may not understand the technology used in public services and evade the use of such services. Not only does the lack of knowledge keep the society lag behind the others, but it also forms a barrier to better people¡¦s lifestyles.

Undeniably, scientific and technological advancement has brought revolutionary changes to our daily life, making our life easier, safer, and more convenient. We should be grateful to living in this era of science. It is also about time for our government to substantially increase its expenditure on research and development in the arena of science and technology to outflank the neighbouring regions.

Outflank the neighbouring regions????? What the fuck??

This one, another adult runner up, thinks the Observatory is doing a great job. The HONG KONG Observatory. Which keeps a typhoon signal number three when trees were blown down and wind speed reached 2xx km/h:

Recently, we have noticed that weather changed abruptly and many trees were blown down by strong winds. It aroused my interest and my concern over the warning system in Hong Kong. In fact, for the purpose of issuing more accurate weather warnings, Hong Kong Observatory has developed an automated system called SWIRLS (Short-range Warning of Intense Rainstorms in Localized Systems) to meet the longstanding challenge. SWIRLS is radar-based, very high resolution, fast updating and tailor-made for the prediction of detailed rainfall distribution over Hong Kong up to 3 hours ahead.

Yeah. Detailed my ass.

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