Monday, February 19, 2007


To help O prepare for a magic trick, I cut the top off a lemon, pushed a chopstick through it, then inserted a tightly rolled up twenty dollar bill inside, before gluing the top back on. Said bill has been in the lemon for two days now and it appears that O has put this on the back burner. Now,I fear for the twenty.


Yesterday, I was fearing for the Fat Choy Run, which I had firmly convinced myself it is to take place this morning. I feared the pain of dragging myself out of bed at six in the morning. I feared the ordeal of having to drag the kids out with us as well. All this, of course, pale in significance to the fear of the pain that awaits at the race.

Then, divine intervention came to the rescue. We went to a barbecue yesterday and luckily, a fellow attendee was also going to the race, and he was convinced that the race is going to be the 20th, not 19th. Luckily, he went to check on the website just to be sure, and he was right! Tomorrow B and the boys will be off to go camping so I'll only have to worry about dragging my ass out of bed, which is mildly less frightening. Upon realization that I had one extra day before the race, Yipee! I promptly proceeded to stuffing my face with meat and drinking large quantities of red wine.


My familia are coming for dinner later, and my brother is going to cook (the lazy sod is yet to show his face, though). I had taken frozen tiger prawns out to defrost last night. Now I fear I might have left them out for too long. They still felt cool to the touch, but who know? I don't want to get food poisoning. So I have gently surrounded them with small packs of ice.

I have also soaked shitake mushrooms, fish maw (yum yum), dried scallops, dried oysters. There will also be squid, pork ribs, scallops, tofu, and veggies. Just typing this out is making me feel fat and sluggish already. Went out for a jog earlier and my lower abdomen feels really bloated and heavy. I fear that my period is due to arrive any minute (that time of the month again! periods are such a nuisance. Dear Menopause PLEASE come soon! PLEEEEASE!); I remember how I was on the second day of my period when I ran that last race, and that did not feel good at all. Bloody periods. Indeed.

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