Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tennis again this morning. Need to run more and play less. Got a place in the Fat Choy Race and C got a bib for that too. We were supposed to "train" together for this or at least familiarize ourselves with the race route, but so far nothing has happened yet and there is only three more weeks to go. Aaaarrrggghhhhh!

Was prepping for tomorrow's class just now and was trying to put together some charts on HK's suicide rates. The classic SOC 101 first lecture, Emile Durkheim's theory on suicide. Hong Kong's male-to-female suicide ratio is much higher than that in the west. In general, all over the world, more men tend to top themselves than women, and this is also the case in HK. However, many more women in HK top themselves compared to women in Canadia, the US, New Zealand, and Japan even. (Reading all this is a bit unnerving. I'm starting to wonder if I might be next) Specifically, being married protects men from suicide much more so than for women. Also, high occupational status protects men from suicide but this does not have the same effect on women. Married women with high occupational status are much more likely to top themselves than single women with an average job. (Okay, steady now. I need a drink.)

Earlier, I paid a visit to the loo and found lying around two stiff paper cylinders which come from the insides of these massive toilet rolls used in our toilets. They look kind of nice and are really sturdy (measuring 2mm thick, 7.5 cm diameter). So I picked them up and thought my kids might like to use them for making robots or use them as ultraman's armbands. If not, our helper can include them in her paper recycling trolley.

So I slipped one hand through each, and held my hands up as I might do if I were a robot. They felt good! As I walked out of the toilet, the cleaning lady spotted me and said "Hello Missey!" chirpy as a sparrow. Then she saw my hands, and looked at me with an expression which borders on shock horror. I said "hello! Had lunch yet?" putting on my friendliest smile, hands still pointing at her. She replied "....huh.... eat jor la...." and then turned away, rather quickly. I wanted to explain why I'm stealing loo roll holders from the toilet. I wanted to tell her I am doing this out of love for my kids. I wanted to tell her I'm not insane. But she did not give me a chance. No she did not.

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