Monday, January 29, 2007

Stoopid move

Played tennis again on Sunday and this morning. Except that this morning was supposed to be a lesson, except that Mr Tennis Coach forgot to show up. Again.

This is the second or third time he has forgotten our lesson. He is one of those people who never EVER write anything down, I think, even though he can write and he has a PDA. He is always very apologetic afterwards, but still, it is very annoying.

So I just played with P, during which I hit the ball over into the swimming pool THREE bloody times. That's how good I am.

Just as annoying, is the goddam weather. It is nice, again. Supposed to be cold, but it is actually very warm, hot even, with the sun, clear skies, dry air and all that pleasantness. And here I am, in my little room, in front of my little desk, reading about female sexualities, cranking out cross-tabs and messing around with models (the statistical kind, sadly). It's utterly boring. I have to stay till 4:30, when I'll have to show my face at a briefing session for 1st year students. I will have to give a 5 minute talk advising them on which streams to choose in their 2nd year.

Just listened to an LCD soundsystem song called North American Scum. Hm. It's pretty good. Cheered me up a little.

Apparently Thom Yorke has released his top ten favourite contemporary songs on iTunes. Huh???? And I say, who cares? Well I'm not a fan so I don't care that much. I think he is pretty cool and me and him we are only two degrees of separation apart. Still. I mean, even if B&S did the same, I'd be interested to know what those songs are, and I would want to go to their website and look at the list if it was posted there, but I'd have no inclination to actually LISTEN to all those songs, or to BUY them, now, would I? No I wouldn't. Would you?

This morning, in the shower, I was enjoying the hot water on the back of my neck and out of interest, I decided to stare at all the fat that has gathered around my stomach, by letting my head drop towards my body. And then it happened. I pulled a goddam muscle on my back. Just like that. It hurts, very annonyingly.

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