Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I don't know what madness it was that overcame me, just now. I was listening to some cantopop. People say Eason Chan is supposed to be someone who can actually sing and has some talent. People say it's a shame he has to work his ass off to feed his shopaholic wife's decadent lifestyle and pay off his father's legal fees (a corrupt civil servant, now in jail).

I was given this CD over a year ago and never listened to it until now. A friend of mine fell out of love and over a crowded table in Club 71, covered in the usual array of empty glasses, spilled beers and overflowing ashtrays, she said one of the songs on this CD captured her feelings about her sorry state to the dot. It so happened that she had a copy made and she gave it to me. Said I must listen to it! The CD is called "Life Continues".

Well! So I have listened. First thing I noticed was how piss poor the mixing is. And the instruments all sound incredibly plastic, as if it all came out of a can. He can sing, but the songs are annoying - every song is about self-indulgent pitiful melodramatic crap. And everything fucking RHYMES. All this fucking rhyming is giving me a headache.

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