Saturday, January 27, 2007

Incomprehensible sex

I've got a lot of items on my writing agenda. I need to finish at least one of them within the next couple of weeks, and the other two are both due in March. Those two are both on Hong Kong women's sexuality. In my office are 250 questionnaires, many of which contain long answers to open ended questions. I will have to find one weekend and set up camp and go through them all.

The quantitative part may seem easier to handle, but a closer look quickly reveals otherwise. An astonishingly high percentage of women said the easiest way for them to reach orgasm is through "vaginal intercourse". Really? Huh? Now we did not specify what "vaginal intercourse" does or does not consist of, so I am tempted to think that not all who said they reach orgasm this way do so MAINLY from penetration and penetration alone.

And then there are those who describe their favourite positions - some are incomprehensible to me, or perhaps this is just a sign of my ignorance. What the heck is "yo-yo" position? for instance? I have a student called Yoyo, that I know.

And an incredibly high percentage said the most favourite part in sex is when the come together with their partners, like SIMULTANEOUSLY. And most of these are heterosexual women. Huh??? Am I missing something here?

Anyhow, the prospects of putting together not one but TWO coherent stories based on this data is daunting. But I will do my best. So help me, God.

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Anonymous said...

I asked my wife (local born and bred) about the yo-yo position and she had no clue what "yo-yo" could mean in that context.

If you ever figure it out, please post the explanation here.