Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So tired

Was completely knackered yesterday, after 2 hours of tennis and then going up Cloudy Hill aftewards. It was lovely and sunny and dry and I sat on the top of the hill for half an hour, enjoying the sun and the dry air and the breeze and the sound of the wind and not much else. I nearly fell asleep and thankfully it started getting cold and I badly needed a wee so I dashed back down.

Was so tired that I crashed out for an hour or so after dinner and didn't wake till 10pm again. I could have slept right through if not for the weird fact that my bread dough appeared in my dream (I took it out of the fridge just before dinner), communicating the following message: "I badly needed kneading and rolling and shaping ~~~~ Don't leave me out here too long ~~~~ I will start~~~ to~~~taste~~~~ fun~~~~ny~~~~"

This morning I didn't wake till nearly 11am.

Just went to the pantry to fill my water bottle. A message stuck on the water station says "This water is for STAFF only! Taking this water is THEFT and thieves will be prosecuted!" Sounds really mental, I thought. The Chinese version of it differs, though. My translation: "This water is for use by staff only, please do not take it without permission. It would not be nice for us to reprimanded you face-to-face." I wonder who did the translation.

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