Thursday, January 11, 2007

My TV life

Recently I've been watching a lot more TV. Yes the no-TV during weekdays policy is still kind or on the go, but given the recent holidays and what not, we've gotten a bit lax about it.

I've been watching this channel called A1 (what on earth is A1? A personality type? Steak sauce?), which is all about adrenalin addicts/nutters who do all the outdoorsy exciting life-threatening things I would hopefully probably never be stupid enough to attempt. The most amazing show I've watched so far is about free divers. Apparently free divers often go slightly bonkers on the way up from a deep dive (something to do with air pressure and the brain and some such) and they stop breathing just at the point when they most certainly needed to breath. How mental is that?

Another is this Discovery channel show called Miami Ink, which tracks the going-ons in a Miami tattoo parlour (is that what they call it? A parlour?) Last night's show was about the work done by this tattoo artist who has got not only the requisite tats all over her body situation, but also tats on her temples, which actually looks good!

Last night's show featured a man who wanted a picture of her 2 year old daughter sleeping on his shoulder tattooed on his chest. His daughter suffers from a rare genetic condition where she is blind, paralysed, incapable of showing emotions, has severe developmental and physical problems, and is predicted to die before the age of five. When the tattoo was completed and he saw it in the mirror, and he had an incredibly happy smile on his face, that was when I cried.

And then I watched Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. He was in New Jersey, where he grew up. He was eating deep fried hot dogs and submarine sandwiches in Bada Bing. He stuffed his face with Italian pastries that are stuffed with cream. Yet somehow it all looked incredibly gourmet.


Was just interviewed by the assistant producer of an RTHK TV current affiars programme. They are doing a Chinese New Year special on consumption and want to know why HK people buy so much stuff as well as throw away so much stuff. I find it ever so slightly difficult to explain a phenomenon which I think (wrongly, apparenlty) to be evidently self-explanatory. Took us just over an hour. And they want to do a follow up interview, with the cameras, with me and preferably my kids as well (no mention of husband though), walking around in a shopping mall, giving running commentary. I lied, out of politeness, that I will think about it.

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