Monday, January 08, 2007

She the queen of the skivers

This lovely weather is starting to get on my nerves. I wish it wasn't so goddam dry and clear and sunny and cool every day. I really need to get some work done and today, in my office, all I managed was to submit a manuscript electronically (yes that took a while, what with the broken internets and all that). I also typed up the course outline for one of my courses next term, replied to some emails, and that's about it! Pitiful, really.

If you live somewhere that has beautiful weather a good few months each year, you may find it hard to empathize with me. There is literally only about 4 out of the 52 weeks a year in Hong Kong where the weather is so perfect. And so, I'm planning to skive off - again - tomorrow.

I'm playing tennis (badly, most likely) tomorrow, then I plan to either go up cloudy hill or go to Pat Sin Leng trail from Bridespool. If I still feel energetic I could go see a movie late afternoon.

Well that's the plan anyway.


O took out two Doctor Who books from the Shatin Library back in October and they have been missing for ages. I have since received several emails reminding me I should be returning them. Couple of nights ago they re-emerged from J's doctor's play set briefcase - turns out some smart ass decided to put the doctor in his place.

Now that was a relief. They were books from the 1970s and I doubt they are still in print. Given so, I've been dreading about the size of the fine. I was thinking, it's been overdue for a good couple of months, conservatively, it should cost me at least a couple of hundred dollars? And if they were to charge me for the cost to replacing them, that could be any amount. And with the British pound so ridiculously expensive these days, this could mean a decent pair of shoes!

This afternoon I went round to the library and sheepishly placed the books on the counter. I volunteered information:

They are both overdue. Very overdue.

To return, yes?


......(tap tap tap on the keyboard) $35 please.

THIRTY FIVE???????????????????????????

Yes, $35. These books are very much over-due. Please put the fine in this box here.

Oh.... sorry I don't have any change.

That's okay, give me your twenty. I'll break it up for you.

$35? Are you sure? For both of them?



Thanks... Wow! That's AMAZING!
(I broke into an insane grin)

Next please!

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