Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shit dealt with

Cost me HK$650 to solve the mystery of the blocked toilet. Earlier today, B bought a bottle of industrial strength drain cleaner (the guy threw in a drain cleaner pole for free) - which didn't work. It was pretty spectacular though. White fumes rose as the stuff was poured into the toilet. We had to turn away. The smell was awfully but familiar. I'm sure I've smelled it whilst walking along our "river" some time last year.

Still, did not work. Had to call in dodgy plumber guy. I was at a meeting when he arrived so I only communicated with him via the phone. He said it'll cost $450 to unblock it, I said okay. Then he said, no, can't unblock. Had to take the whole toilet out and see what's actually blocking the thing, another $200, I said okay. Not like I have a choice really.

So, it turns out, the culprit was a cotton bud, and a piece of plastic wrapping, which looks like it used to hold some kind of dainty soap or Godiva chocolate or something. I scratched my head but could not figure out for the life of me where that could have come from.

Let's hope my shit related dreams would go away now.


Going camping in Wanchai tomorrow (not the one in HK Island, the one in Sai Kung). Last time I went camping was on a hill next to an abandoned mine in the Lake District, where I stung my bottom on nettles whilst weeing. Our tent was pitched amonsgst sheep shit and not much else. It was wonderful. Wait for my report on this coming one. Haha.

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