Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dirty Dream Number Two

I was in a university, and I had to go somewhere. I walked, and I walked, and then I saw that ahead of me there was shit all over the ground. They were dollops of shit, neatly spaced out across the ground. It took come skill to avoid them all and to get where I had to be.

I was joined by a woman and she, like me, was trying to avoid getting shit all over her shoes. I was feeling frustrated. I didn't like what I was seeing. It's bothering me.

I couldn't avoid them any longer, the NSOPOS (neatly spaced out dollops of shit) just kept going on and on and eventually I got some on my shoes. Shit, I muttered in my dream.

The scene then changed to the indoors, and I recognized where I was. I was in the building where my office is, and I was in the back staircase. The NSOPOS were still there, but now, I realized, it's an installation art. It's not real shit, afterall. Just some clever artist ha ha ha playing a practical joke on us with dollops of coloured cream.

Dream ends.


I woke, and I was scratching my head thinking what the hell was that all about? Who dreams of shit? Dollops of them? All over the place?

It wasn't until later in the day that I realized the connection of this dream with my real life. Our toilet has been suffering from intermittent blockage, for a sad few days now. Deposits often would not go away unless the plunger does some work, or, if they go away, plunger action still needs to be called for if next deposit is to go away.

It is not good. It bothers me.


On a brighter note, check out Stuart's legwork. Now, that's what I call the legwork of a runner!

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