Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dog rage

Hong Kongers have an inexplicable fondness dogs that look like deformed obesed rats. Those short, stubby, neckless creatures with too large a head that scuttles around like sewer rats. I can't really say which of the following I hate more - thoses fucking bastards or their owners.

I refer to those owners who only take their dogs out for walks once a month (walks, mind you, not just out to take a dump), only when they feel like it, so these stupid dogs with brains the size of a peanut hardly ever gets out or have any human contact outside the 400 sq feet box that they live in. They are not trained to behave themselves, since there is no need! So, when they see kids or runners they completely freak out and start barking like mad and chasing people.

Today I saw one such creature, a particularly ugly one, being "walked" by a woman speaking on her mobile phone. The stupid dog started freaking out when it saw me running towards its direction and predictably started barking and chasing after me. What the hell was going on in that pathetic excuse for a brain? That it fucking owns the place? That I would be distasteful enough as to play with it, disgusting creature that it is? I shouted for it to piss off to no avail. The stupid owner pretended nothing was happening. I had to stop running and point my finger at it screaming at the top of my voice "GET BACK YOU STUPID DOG!" Finally it backed off.

As I went up the little hill at the end of the park, there they were again, dumb and dumber. Stupid fucker started barking and chasing again, and the stupid owner again pretended she was deaf and blind to what was going on. I yelled at the dog, and yelled at the woman "IT SHOULD BE ON A LEAD!"

I swear I will kick it's punched in face next time it barks at me. I'll kick its head in.


Spike said...

Most HKers who have dogs have no idea of how to raise, train or properly care for one. The entire concept of socialization seems lost on the great majority.

Your rage is misplaced. The fact that the dog was poorly trained is not the dog's fault.

So the next time you're jogging and the dog barks at you, don't hit the dog. That accomplishes nothing. Hit the owner.

Anonymous said...

the owner should be hit not only because of the absence of training but also her absence of hearing, fake deafness and her control.

Dippers said...

This is perhaps the most amusing story I've read all day. Dogs are rather obnoxious when they see runners. My friend was bit in the ass while we were doing a workout whereas the rest of us was chased around which became the workout. By the way, what do you teach?
(I just came across your blog)

Pierre said...

Dear me... re-reading this post, I found that I had used the word "stupid" six times and "fuck" related words thrice. I was raging, indeed.

Sorry about your friend who got bitten in the ass. Hope it has healed nicely and hasn't scared him/her for life.

I teach er.... some kind of.... er... science.