Monday, July 03, 2006

Shirt of the day, not

After a very late Saturday night, spent at my cousin's wedding banquet in the marine club (i.e. miles away from home), the boys got out of bed suitably late on Sunday morning. Me, needless to say, got up even later.

In the afternoon we went to Bride's Pool where we snooped around for a bit before walking towards the reservoir and snooped around there some more. It was surprisingly unbusy, with plenty of parking spaces and unoccupied picnic tables and bbq pits. At around 6 pm we went to Tai Mei Tuk and ate at a new-ish restaurant in the village called Luca. The food was surprisingly good. We had lasagne, pizza, french fries, and satays. Everything was fresh, tasty, and arrived on time. Lots of tasty looking stuff (i.e. meat dishes) on the menu, although many people would consider prices to be "not cheap" for this type of restaurant.

It was a good day. Not at all the kind of day that is fitting for what's written on this shirt, for instance.

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