Monday, July 03, 2006

Fair, or not

That book of ours which was complete last year, might have found itself a publisher. Not a bad one at that, too. The catch is, the number of authors will be increased from two to three. Author number three will not actually do any writing. Given that I practically wrote the whole sodding thing myself, it seems kinda unfair. However, it's nothing less than a blessing to be able to say I truly do not give much of a bugger. I mean, you know, about the unfair bit. I do give a bugger that the damn thing will finally be out of the way in some forseeable future. I think no one can be anything approaching being happy unless they accept that life is not meant to be fair.

So. Life is not meant to be fair. How do you explain that to children? It's kind of an abstract thing to grasp, and even if they manage to understand it, is it really something you want to inculcate in them? It's a tough one. You have to tell them fairness is a concept invented by people to get what they want, and qualify it by saying that there are other things much more important than fairness, and things much more important than using fairness as a tool to satisfy their self-interest. Things like, politeness, eating vegetables, sleeping early, not hitting your brother in the head, etc.

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