Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is all about running

Night before last, I had planned to run. But upon returning home I promptly crashed out for two hours, waking up very hungry. Of course I then proceeded to stuff my face, after which I thought, okay I'll let the food settle for a couple of hours and then I'll run. By nine thirty, food has settled but I already felt lethargic and started hating myself for having slept. Et cetera. So I thought okay, I'll do some exercises in my living room instead.

I often lift dumbells and do situps at home but that evening I did a couple of hundred lunges as well. In case you don't know what a "lunge" is, well, what you do is, you hold weights in your hands, then literally "lunge" forward with one leg, bending both knees, going down as far as you can, then resume to standing position, and on with the other leg, and so on. Yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds, and it is pretty knackering. It didn't take long before I started sweating like a bastard and really felt my quads working.

Then I did a couple of hundred sit ups, some leg lifts, girly push ups, etc.

But none of these felt like much of a workout, really. Even though my muscles ached. So yesterday, all day, I was looking forward to running in the early evening. I was seeing students yesterday, and had a meeting after lunch, but all I could think about was my run. I was kinda dreading it, since my last run was Thursday and that was only up to the school and back which was just half an hour. My legs were a bit sore from "lunge-ing" so I won't be going fast at all.

It was hot yesterday. I waited till the sun had gone down a bit and ran out to the waterfront. I did not feel good. My legs were heavy and it felt so damn hot. Passed a man about 5 minutes down the road. He was kinda short, stocky, but looks like a regular runner. To keep me going I concentrated on passing every pedestrain in front of me. My iPod shuffle was bouncing around too much and I had to hold it in my hand eventually, which I really hated. So all along I was feeling irritated about the stupid shuffle and was cursing myself oh why the fuck did you bring this stupid thing anyway. I thought about how unfit I felt, how hot it was, and how the sweat was stinging my eyes. I wasn't having a great time.

As I approach our bridge, the Velvet Underground blaring down my earphones, the man I passed before ran passed me, and shouted out at me "took me 9 kilometers to catch up with you!", sticking his thumb up at me as he passed. I was like, what the cocking cock? are you crazy? I was so slow I was practically jogging... I thought I would speed up and pass him again, but thought better not. I was exhausted. He must be exhausted too. Why start a race now. I stopped at our bridge

As I was stretching, enjoying that wonderful post-run sense of well-being, ten thousand random thoughts bounced around in my head. Yet I felt so together.


Anonymous said...

Do you find late-onset Tourette's is interfering with your running at all?

Pierre said...

Hell, shit fuck cunt &*#@% NOooo !